At Harbor Counseling, we understand change can be challenging, difficult, and scary. We also believe you have the inherent wisdom to heal yourself and achieve your goals with guidance from our experienced clinicians. 

About Harbor Counseling

Harbor Counseling is a small group practice. Currently we currently have four clinicians.  Our plan is to continue to grow in order to provide more variety and specializations that will better support those that we work with.


Harbor Counseling was formed as a group practice because we felt it would be more beneficial to our clients. One of the benefits of receiving care at a group practice is a greater continuity of care. For example, a substitute counselor can step in to provide support when a client's regular counselor is not available. Another benefit is that we are able to keep our costs lower by pooling resources. This reduces overhead allowing more funds to be devoted to training and development. More training benefits everyone. As previously mentioned a group practice enables us to offer multiple specializations in one location. This enables us to connect clients with a therapist who is best suited to fit their needs. 

In addition to our in office counseling we also offer telehealth. Telehealth allows us to offer clients virtual therapy sessions from where they are using a smart phone, computer, or tablet. Making mental health a priority can be difficult when there are demands upon one's time. If you are a busy parent, or a working professional without time to spare, or just live in an area where mental health access is limited taking care of yourself can be a challenge. Telehealth may be a way to obtain the help that you want. 


To learn more about our individual counselors go to Who We Are.

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