Group Practice

Are you thinking about starting a private practice? Consider joining Harbor Youth and Family Counseling (HYFC), PLLC. When you join our group we help you establish a private practice that will be self-sustaining in just a few short months.


Why is HYFC working with clinicians in this way. Simply because we saw need for more skilled clinicians in Grays Harbor (GH).  When I went into private practice myself in July, of 2019 I discovered that people were often waiting weeks to get in to see a counselor. Once they were scheduled they often were only able to see someone once or twice month because counselors had too many people to see. I also learned that many people who live in GH were commuting to Olympia and Lacey for counseling. For me starting a group practice is about making it easier for clinicians to get started in a private practice so that our community can be better served.


HYFC identified specific barriers to private practice. Once these barriers were identified a plan was developed to overcome them to make private practice more obtainable. Here are some of the benefits of choosing to join HYFC. We partner with clinicians to ensure their success because when you are successful we are too and this ultimately benefits our community.

Individuals credentialed under HYFC, PLLC are considered members of a practice group that provides support services. Individuals are not contractors or employees.

Administrative services provided by Harbor Counseling Group

  • Credentialing

  • Billing to include

    • submitting claims to insurance companies,

    • sending out statements to patients for co-pays, deductibles, co-insurances

    • resolving any claims issues

    • assistance with collections

  • Internet service

  • Office that is furnished with basics

    • Chairs

    • Table

    • Multipurpose scanner/printer

    • Locking file cabinet

  • Fax available with assistance

  • Electronic health records that includes credit card processing

  • Advertising on web page

  • Janitorial services

  • Access to common areas to include furnished lobby/waiting area and restroom

  • Mailing address

  • Initial screening of calls

  • Insurance verification

Additional benefits of working in a group

  • Comradery

  • When you are not available to see a patient someone else can assist

  • Better work life balance

  • Decreased administrative costs by sharing expenses

  • Collaboration with challenging situations

  • The community is better served

  • We keep jobs in GH

  • Someone else can attend to the administrative tasks so you can focus on what you enjoy, seeing people

  • As a self-employed individual you maintain your autonomy and decide for yourself how much you want to work and how you want to work

Clinical Supervision Towards Licensure

Kathy Gere, LICSW is an approved supervisor for licensing in the state of Washington. Ms. Gere worked as a program manager and clinical supervisor for community mental health providers. During her employment Ms. Gere has provided clinical supervision to clinicians at various levels of experience and training. 

Supervision can be provided in person, by video conferencing, and in groups. If you are interested in supervision please call our office at 360-797-5241.